Not Saying Fields Is the Pick …

But Fields is the pick. If you follow the 49ers and follow head coach Kyle Shanahan you know he helps run the QB Collective. As it says on the QBCollective website: It’s the ‘Only pro-style development pipeline for High School Quarterbacks.’

In this camp, Kyle, along with other coaches, spend time with players and helps them develop into real quarterbacks.

What is interesting is that there is a certain player in the NFL Draft this year that is featured at the QB Collective, that quarterback is Justin Fields. It’s no coincidence that the 49ers traded up into the 3rd spot of the NFL Draft, to have a shot at Fields. Most reports are that BYU QB Zach Wilson will go to the Jets at 2. If that happens, number 3 is all but locked in as Justin Fields, The Ohio St quarterback to the 49ers.

The draft is less than a month away so it won’t take long to hear Justin Fields named called to 49ers by the Commissioner.

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