So when does Kyle get fired after drafting Jones

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    So how many years until Kyle is fired for drafting Jones?

    Accept it everyone. Jones is the pick.


    Jed is milk toast. He doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Kyle. So not sure how long it will be. Also, Kyle probably doesn’t give a shit. He’s already made a ton from the Yorks. Why the fuck did Jed give him an extension so soon? I get that he took the team to the Super Bowl, but he LOST! He has no pressure to get it right, he’s still cashed out and keeps trying with all his innovative plays. Look at his record. He’s not even a winning coach, even if he is an offensive genius. All you can do is accept his decision and hope he gets it right.


    I give it two years. Fan expectations are really high right now. You don’t trade three years of the future for a #3 pick and get away with it being a bust.


    2-3 years is what I’m thinking. Really depends on how shitty Jones turns out to be and how his play compares to Fields, Lance and even some of the QB’s that would have been available in the 2nd round. Jones to me is the biggest roll of the dice of the 3.

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    He never should have been hired and then extended. He’s never had to work for anything in his life and it shows.


    If he goes with Mac and Mac sucks…….Kyle’s fucked.


    It’ll take 2 years minimum to see if the pick is going to pan out. Mac can be a stellar pocket QB (Joe Montana / Drew Brees type atheltecism…), just doesn’t have the sizzle of the other QBs and that is what pisses people off.

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