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    Obviously, the huge trade up for the draft has overshadowed almost everything else this offseason, but there were a lot of big transactions while the board was in hiatus.

    Juice signed long term. Trent Williams signed long term. A whole bunch of one year extensions, including seemingly our entire secondary. Having so much of our secondary on short terms is really concerning to me for the future. Lots of things. Discuss.


    Kinda setting ourselves up for win now.


    With Verrett, Tartt, and Williams all on one-year deals, it’s imperative that they address corners for 2022 in this draft. If the rookie QB takes over a year from now and we are riding a his deal then the money saved could be used to upgrade at that time too.

    Top free agent corners for 2022 as it stands now include;

    Patrick Peterson 32
    Stephen Gilmore 32
    Joe Haden 33
    Kyle Fuller 30
    Denzel Ward 25
    Marshon Lattimore 26
    Verrett 31
    Kevin King 27

    Not a whole lot to love with most of this list.


    I was hoping to bring back one, possibly 2 of the CB’s. Getting William’s was icing on the cake. These one year deals, while not ideal, give us the breathing room to look towards the future at the position instead of having to find a plug-and-play starter.

    Trent and Juice were huge IMO, and will allow Kyle to keep his system intact for years to come.

    I’m also hopeful Samson can thrive in a part time roll where his skills are optimized, rather than the OLB spot he manned in LA. Plus get him studying technique under Nick and he may grow into a game changer. He has the athleticism and speed to wreak havoc, just needs refinement to his tool bag.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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