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People talk about receivers being divas but let’s be clear there are no bigger divas in sports than star QBs. Their egos are equally enormous as they are fragile.

The Steelers fell off hard after the 70’s because Chuck Noll was famously loyal to the aging stars of their championship runs but it resulted in the organization struggling to rebuild for over a decade.

I don’t think 93/94 Montana would have resulted in any Super Bowls for the Niners. Of course Joe says otherwise. And with Steve they still had prime Young for 4 years after Montana retired.

Agree with RB I think Seifert, Policy and Walsh were all still tied to the hip when it came to Joe and trading him. Walsh wanted to trade his ass after ‘86. Randy Cross was told by Walsh in 86 or 87 that he could probably play for another 4 or 5 years but he won’t be on the Niners after another year or two because he only wanted his best years.