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Kyle overthinks things because he knows Jimmy is incapable. Half the field of possibilities is automatically eliminated with Jimmy because he just can’t see the whole field and doesn’t have the arm or accuracy to make the throws outside of this small window of what he’s capable of doing. The stuff he does every game, the tipped passes, the INT along with the 2-3 almost INTs every game, not throwing the ball away, etc are just inexcusable for an NFL QB. I feel like we’ve been saying this for years about him. I can’t see any team targeting Jimmy as a starter. Maybe Lynch pulls a miracle and gets a draft pick of any kind for the loser.

I’m amazed this team almost won it all twice with him. It speaks to the strength of the rest of the team that they’ve carried him this long.

Kyle showed me a lot this year. He assembles a good coaching staff around him for the most part. I hope Ryans sticks around because I like him but wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a HC.

If they stick with Jimmy next year I might be done with this team.