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I thought that last time (that it would be tough to beat them yet again) when it was six straight wins against them and somehow the 49ers still pulled it off. The key is to focus on the game as one game and not think about the past games, let the Rams do that, which puts us in their head.

We can beat them but you are right MNie, since they bought as many off-the-shelf superstar players as they possibly could, it will be a tough assignment. I know for certain if by chance the 49ers lose, I will support whomever plays against the Rams in the Super Bowl (and I greatly dislike KC for obvious reasons), Like I said before FUCK ‘EM (the Rams). At least KC built their team in a more legitimate and honest way. They even gave McKinnon a chance (lol)!

No one has brought up my observation that Lance reminds me of an undeveloped Josh Allen. Anyone feeling it?