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I’m with you Doc.

The Rams are a carpet bagger team. They lost fans when they went to Anaheim and lost what was left when they went to St. Louis. Their only fans left are young and or really die hard old men. It’s going to take generations and lots of wins to build up the base again. What was left of NFL fans switched to either Raiders, the Niners, The Cowboys (all of which have always had a strong fan base in SoCal) and the Cards.

Since our secondary stepped up and healed up, Jimmy has been the weak link. Even if they go all the way I will always think it could have been a lot easier had they just started Trey. I think Klynch got too cute thinking Jimmy was worth a 1st and they got stuck with him and decided he was too expensive to ride the pine. The locker room also got the 2019 vides and wanted him to be the man again. I would wager that most of those guys are over it at this point and if Jimmy goes down…..they’ll probably quietly be happy. Jimmy hasn’t done fuck all for Kittle or Juice’s numbers.

I’d rather have Brady than Rogers…..but I don’t see Kyle seriously making a move for either. Both are much too Alpha for him. Hell Deebo is too Alpha for him. The players respect him as a football nerd…..that’s it. Other than that he’s just a dude. Both would cuck Kyle within a few months.

I’m excited and scared….not sure how much more my heart can take.