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Forget about PHI, they are in for certain. The only question is whether they are sixth or seventh seed. The other playoff spot comes down to either the 49ers or New Orleans. If NO wins and the Rams win, the Niners are out. If NO and the Niners both lose, SFO is in. ATL who has nothing to play for except being a spoiler simply must beat NO or we’re probably screwed. Good luck with that.

So think about it. The Rams are sick of losing to us. Check. The team of superstars they bought are finally starting to play together. Check. Their coach is sick of being shown up by Shanahan. Check. They are playing at home. Check. (although we always have as many fans down there as they do). They want to win this game so they can win the division. Check. If it’s Jimmy he can’t grip the ball. Not good. If it’s Lance he holds on to the ball too long which will let the monster D line of the Rams sack his ass. Not good. Stafford is a fraud who throws INTs. Kupp is a monster. Both games and the PHX/SEA game are late games on Sunday. So there’s no knowing until the game is over if New Orleans might have already lost or who wins the division. There’s no breaks from the scheduling gods. WHEN YOU WEIGH ALL THE PLUSES AND MINUSES, THIS WILL BE A TALL, TALL ORDER!

The playoffs start one week early for the 49ers. Lose and you go home.