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Something is definitely off in Arizona. I don’t watch them play so I have no idea what it could be. Kingsbury contract is good thru the end of the 2022 season and I don’t think it’s guaranteed.

In 2020, Kyle got a new contract, tearing up the remaining three years on his original six-year deal and adding on three more to keep him with the team through 2025, it made him one of the top-five highest-paid head coaches in the league at the time. Reports say he’s making between 10 and 12 million a year and that his money is guaranteed, meaning if he gets fired the Niner’s owe him all his contracted pay.

I don’t think the York’s want to owe anyone any more money. In 2019 they finally paid off Chip, Tomsula and Baalke to the tune of close to 70 million for not working for them.

2017 2018 2019 2020
Jim Tomsula $3.5 million $3.5 million — —
Chip Kelly $7 million $7 million $7 million —
Trent Baalke $4 million $4 million — —