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I work with cancer clinics and my wife is legal guardian for her disabled sister who lives in a group home. I know for a fact not all hospitals are at capacity, and the few that are at capacity are in that position because of lack of staff, not lack of beds or supplies. Group homes are facing a staffing shortage as well, so much so that group homes are running out of compliance. Maybe someone should look into the labor shortage. Where did all of these workers do and more importantly why did they quit in the first place? Why are they still quitting? Oh yes CNN tells us it’s because workplace conditions have improved so much that employees now have such great options and demand better!

Trump got the vaccine through in record time. In 2020 the democrats (Biden and Harris in particular) said they wouldn’t take it. Trump said all along take the vaccine, and he still says to get it. Biden and Harris are just as responsible for vaccine hesitancy as anyone.

We are just supposed to blindly follow politicians when they can’t fix a damn thing, republicans and democrats alike. We are supposed to just do what Fauci says amid all of their mixed messaging and conflicting information. Don’t take the JNJ vaccine now because of blood clots. No studies on effects of vaccines on pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding? No problem just get triple jabbed anyway. We are supposed to just trust the same big pharma companies and complicit FDA responsible for the opioid problem to save our lives with these vaccines? Get real! Follow the science, after all Fauci is science. He said it himself. 😂