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Im just not impressed with people that parrot their favorite liberal sex offender/pedophile/CNN talking head on all of this crap and then claim some higher moral ground. Maybe actually do something constructive rather than get on the internet and force beliefs on others of any kind.

The whole situation is unfortunate. Around 75% of the people that have died from it have been over 65 and had other health issues, some of those preventable like obesity. How many people have died just from Covid? I don’t think we will ever know that nor how many people have had Covid and never had symptoms.

Drug companies like Phizer, which have histories of fraud and selling dangerous products are sucking off the taxpayer tit. Phizer alone this year got $36 billion in revenues just from Covid. JNJ is no different and oh now we shouldn’t take the INJ vaccine after millions already have. Their research and all sales have been funded by all of us.

There are a lot of other helpful health recommendations Lord Fauci and his cronies could have been pushing all along that would have reduced the impact of this. Weight loss, frequent hand washing, not smoking, not abusing drugs and alcohol, wearing better masks, and much more. No but what have been their recommendations all along? Everyone just wear a mask, any mask, all the time and get the jab. Even little kids that aren’t at risk! Oh wait but the first two jabs aren’t that great so get a boost. “Get Boosted!” F-ing get real! Just keep getting boosted until it actually works. I got the first two jabs but don’t think I’ll get the booster, my choice. Gee it’s almost as if Lord Fauci and others just want to make money for big pharma?

Many women/pregnant women and minorities are hesitant to take the vaccine and for valid reasons. So if they get Covid we just let them all die? Oh so compassionate.

By the way how to we prevent another, even worse pandemic than this one? Oh the virus came from a bat in a Chinese market, nothing to see here everyone!