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A close friend of my family just died. He had an aggressive, ugly cancer that was destroying his senses and needed surgery, but couldn’t get it because of all the hospitals being full of COVID patients, so he stopped his treatment and effectively committed suicide because what it was doing to him was driving him crazy. He is just one of thousands of such non-COVID victims of the COVID crisis, and I’ve had fucking enough. Right now if I could, I would ban anti-vaxxers who get COVID from hospitals. You could be vaxxed against COVID but chose not to be, and now you have COVID and you have the fucking NERVE to expect the same medical system that you ignored to save you? Go fuck yourself and everyone like you. People are dying because of you, people who didn’t deserve to die and could have been saved if you weren’t in the way. So here’s some painkillers, now go home and fuck off so we can help the people who actually deserve help.