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Nailed it John and MN.

Giving him a 6 year was the worst thing The Dork’s could have done.
The NFL is a competitive arena that requires constant fire to get the most out of it’s players and coaches. A few owners that constantly want to win get it but most could give a shit. A large portion of their revenues are constant and as long as the fans keeping paying for parking, tickets and food in their stadiums, most like the the Dorks are happy. None of them really care about the team, it’s history or it’s future. It’s the family cash cow and a vehicle to expand their sports franchise owning enterprise.

Old man York: Jed, wants going on with the team?
Jed: No idea Pops, me and Parrag have been working on the the Leeds take over. Call John.
Old man York: well son, shouldn’t that be your job?
Jed: Pop, me and Parrag got our hands full with the Leeds thing, just call John.
Old man York: OK, maybe I’ll just go down there and see what’s up.

I wished we had owners that actually gave a shit. You know like the kind that attend every game and are there actually actively being involved with the club.

Klynch getting to the Super Bowl so quick was a god send for them. It gave the Dork’s the out they needed to drop themselves out of the equation and just collect the check.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…this team is fucked as long as they own it.