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First off, there’s no such thing as HIPPA. It’s HIPAA.

Second, HIPAA only applies to “covered entities” which means health care providers and their contacts such as insurance companies. HIPAA’s basic function, in simple terms, is to prevent those “covered entities” from trading your health care information like a commodity. Which is why you have to sign information consent forms when your primary doctor refers you to a specialist, among other things.

HIPAA does NOT apply to your employer or a restaurant or whatever asking your vaccination status, nor does it protect you from any consequences of not complying with their policy.

As people in my shipyard are finding out right now; Monday was the deadline for people to have gotten their first shots IAW the Federal employee mandate, and many didn’t. You can fuck around with a lot of people, but don’t fuck around with Uncle Sam; he might be pure lard inside, but he’s got a foot of armor in front.