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HIPPA rights…..anyone ever heard of them? They should be constitutional.

My employer wants to know if I’m vaccinated. I can tell him yes I am or no I’m not or It’s none of your business. It should never be grounds for dismissal especially now that we see that more and more vaccinated people are coming down with it. It’s may understanding that everyone in the NFL is being tested daily. I also understand that he told the NFL/Fudgepackers that he was immunized. He never stated that he was vaccinated. Semantics..sure but that’s probably why he chose his words wisely.

I talked to a doctor recently and we discussed the issue.
She had it back in February and doesn’t feel a need to worry about getting the jab because she believes her body’s natural abilities will protect her from getting it bad. She’s young and very healthy.

At this point in the game this shouldn’t be a have too….it should be an option.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Aaron in a Niner uni next year. And he might just act like a mentor to Trey knowing that he’s only in it for a year or 2. Sleeping in your own bed is a huge deal once you get older.