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Yeah Kyle is definitely too nonchalant. A head coach needs to have his foot on the gas constantly and keeping people accountable. I don’t get a sense Kyle does either.

We heard reports from Maiocco early in camp that Trey was the best looking rookie QB he has seen and had picked up Kyle’s offense at a surprisingly fast pace. Then Kyle pulled him back and pretty much never let him practice with first team guys and didn’t let him do any running. It’s almost criminal how much Kyle has tried to sabotage the kid. To what end I don’t know. I’m sure with Kyle it probably has something to do with his large ego getting in the way.

We all hated Greg Roman when he was here but the guy switched from Alex to Kap on the fly and did the same helping Lamar get MVP. He brought in Kap’s college coach to help him even. Kyle is obviously too rigid stubborn to accept help from anyone other than his dad.

Kyle is just stupid. You can be intelligent but if you don’t know how to apply it in the real world then you’re just plain stupid.