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As i alluded to above. Shanahan is proving that he might be a genius at drawing up plays, but when it comes to play calling, he too often shits the bed. He won’t take a risk when it’s plainly called for. Like punting on 4th down in the fourth quarter Sunday when he was near mid-field, his team was getting whipped and they desperately needed points.

He also overthinks things. Like he knows the x’s and o’s so well that if the opposing D is showing a certain look, he won’t run a play their look was designed to stop. Sorry Kyle, sometimes you have to dictate to the other team instead of reacting to them. Plus he and Lynch have completely messed with the locker room chemistry, starting with dumping Buckner. Their inexperience is glaring. Top that with Jed’s overall incompetence and you have a recipe for failure.