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They’ve been riding Deebo and Mitchell like fucking pony express horses.
Kyle needs to pull his head out a little more and scheme in other players…..like Sermon, Hasty, Kittle (fingers crossed), Dwelley, and BA. I’d also like to see some Trey in the red zone.

And for the love of GOD please don’t abandon a scheme that’s working before it stops working…..run that shit til they figure it out then add all your little flips and twist/variations.

How many times does he have to read about opposing teams thanking him for giving up on plays they had no answer for. Kyle is such a hard headed motherfucker……he is as some have said a combination of his Dad and Gruden that aspires to be Belichick.

I’m also really hopeful that his “confrontation” with BA will lead other “doghouse” players to challenge him and force him to lay out expectations in a much better way, for them and future players.