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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Kyle Shanahan is in over his head which can only result in Lynch, who gets his direction by following Kyle, being in over his head as well. They unnecessarily gave away a ton of draft picks for Lance when they should have stayed put and seen who they could get. They passed on Brady. They haven’t shown that they or anyone on their staff can truly develop a QB whether they are a prospect or veteran. They seem to be in a “throw enough shite against the wall and see what sticks mode” but meanwhile the team continues to lose. They were rewarded with contract extensions when they LOST their most important game which of course reinforces the notion or perhaps more accurately, reveals the truth, that Jed and his dad are clueless, and wait for it, in over their heads as well. Yea, Kyle got the team to the Superbowl but once again Shanahan has proven he can’t win the big ones or even the little ones at this point. To top it all off, what do they have going to encourage Niner fans that things will soon get better? Their ability to develop a QB? Right, because they have such a great track record doing that! It’s a sad day in Ninerland.