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I agree Norty. There is no conspiracy to take away our rights and freedoms. If you think vaccine mandates and wearing a mask are taking away your rights and moving to a totalitarian government you’re soft and overreacting (probably listening to Fucker Carlson on FOXNEWS).

How can you deny hospitals are at or over capacity because of covid and a lot of it could be prevented by getting vaccinated? So what if the people in the hospital have comorbidities? If they were vaccinated, most wouldn’t be in the hospital. The latest data shows that children and young people are the ones filling up the hospitals.

The natural vs vaccine antibodies debate loves to point out the better immune response but leave out the 30-40% chances of getting long covid for 3 months up to permanently and not everyone that gets it has a better immune system. The choice between getting a shot vs. covid for antibodies is a simple one. No chance of getting long covid vs. 30-40% is an easy one for me.

This unfortunately has been politicized and people are acting like all their rights and freedoms are being taken away when they have no idea what they are talking about. As Norty said look at US history and you’ll see this happened before with other illnesses needing vaccines and PPE.