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At the end of the day none of this is to be virtuous or good. Mark Davis and the NFL as with any business saw this as being bad for business. So as a private entity they pushed him out. They have a right to do that. He didn’t resign (maybe for public record he did). But get real if you think any of this (including what BLM does) is for anything but a money grab. Take your self righteousness and shove it up yer arse. I was born and raised in Oakland in a very diverse environment and I have friends and family from different ethnic backgrounds. I can say black privilege if I want to. There’s all kinds of privilege in this country.

Black privilege is when a white guy gets fired over this and raked over hot coals, but many black guys like Kevin Durant, Garrison Hearst and many others can make offensive remarks about gays and NOTHING happens to them. Black privilege is also a pro athlete having to explain and justify why they stand for the National anthem and face backlash for it.