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Biden’s Covid mandate. Saw an article this morning from NBC News that OSHA has a lot of tools to enforce King Biden’s mandate: shaming, lists, etc among others. The feds are setting precedent daily on Covid.

Now there’s a call for a climate emergency. What will we see if that happens? Fossil fuel energy prices go through the roof? Businesses shut down? People out of work and even more inflation?

The takeover is happening for real. Don’t think for a minute all of this won’t negatively affect you because this will.

Put aside the thought of whether everyone should be vaccinated or not and think more about the steps government is taking to get what they want. Emergency government powers. Scary stuff if you ask me. It’s been in the works since 9/11 and it’s been a slow move towards totalitarian government. Covid has sped up the process. Imagine what will happen when a truly deadly disease is out there, not something with a 99+ % survival rate. Things aren’t going back to normal folks.