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My soon to be son in law works for the state health agency and he knows first hand that hospital ICUs in almost all areas are filling up not because of Covid but because there is less staff. They have enough beds but not enough staff. Nurses are quitting left and right. They’re quitting because they’re either burned out from Covid or vaccine mandates.

Many countries (Norway, Singapore, etc) have recently re-opened 100% and done away with all mandates. Singapore re-instated some mandates temporarily because they’re adding capacity to hospitals. Once the capacity is added they are lifting all mandates again. Cases and hospitalizations have gone down in these countries because they don’t have draconian, freedom stealing politicians politicizing covid at every chance they get like here in the US.

There is a study from Israel showing people that have had Covid and are not vaccinated are 7x less likely to hospitalized from covid than those that are only vaccinated. It’s as if all of the measures to isolated and vaccinate might not be the best way to handle a pandemic.

People need to stop regurgitating what they see and hear from CNN. The constant politics, mandates and demonizing the unvaccinated isn’t working so maybe it’s time to try some new tactics.

Children are still extremely low risk. And yes children and especially young children rely on things like facial expression and relationships and feedback from peers. This is well known to be key in childhood development. Masking children is downright silly but hey it makes us feel better as adults I suppose.

By the way me and my family are fully vaccinated and believe in it. Others may have their own reasons. Compassion and respect always win. Creating battles, everyone loses.