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Hope Err comes back when he’s ready.

I don’t mind being negative….our team went to shit. Kinda hard to be positive about it.
All the signs were there:

1. Our propensity to want to save money by signing players with injury history in the hopes we can squeeze a few years out of them and or that they recover and pan out.

2. Mac Jones/Trey Lance/trading away the future for a QB that wasn’t going to pay off now. Kyle wanted Mac Jones and he got pressured into drafting Trey. The final decision probably came from Jed.

3. The realization that Kyle is at this state in his career not really an serviceable head coach. He might be an offensive genius but he’s not cut out to handle the entire load/responsibilities of being a decent head coach.

I’m almost certain Klynch will be gone if not next year, the year after for sure.

Oh well.

Best case scenario, the Dork’s pull their head out and allow a retired 49er with a brain to become a ownership partner and run the team for them.