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He did a great job of ad libbing and keeping a play alive by scrambling to either run or find a receiver. I was surprised because almost every athletic QB wants to run when their receiver isn’t open. Lance ran to keep the play alive. His first instinct was not to run up field. Kudos to a young kid for being to run around and keep his eyes down the field.
Accuracy was very very bad. He has a rifle for an arm. The bad thing is he’s not zeroed his weapon and it’s a guess where the round ends up. You can tell he dominated his low level college because of the competition of lack thereof. He locks onto one guy and is determined to throw the ball there. I think every one of his drop backs was either the first option pass was thrown to, or it wasn’t there and he went into backyard football mode.
He needs to play though. This team is not good so he may as well get reps now.