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Teams like the Ravens are ravaged by injuries too. I do think the 49ers organization is probably just cheap and doesn’t want to pay for a top tier medical and training staff. I also think part of the problem is the coddling of athletes. Their bodies just can’t handle to wear and tear anymore. Baseball players are on pitch counts, NBA players do “load management” and most NFL players have seemingly become part time employees. The NFL has focused on drafting and developing great athletes but not great football players anymore. And part of being a great football player is being durable and staying on the field. The 49ers are probably the most guilty team out there at taking risks on athletes and thinking they can work magic and somehow get these guys with injury histories to play. I don’t get it. Until teams start to devalue players with injury histories not much will change.

These players don’t work out as much in the off-season or during the year. They’re trying to preserve their bodies so they don’t get major injuries so they don’t miss out on their next contract but I think it has the reverse effect.