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The dude is a whiny ass bitch of a toolbag that thinks the 49ers are accountable to him. He is not objective and the only thing he does is find one thing and sit there and whine like a little bitch. Jesus, he works for sports illustrated and barely has 36k subscribers form a nationwide sports magazine, not to mention that most of his youtube posting are his pops taking pity on him and they tape and replay their daily phone calls to each other.

Link Barrows, Kawakimi, Maiocco, Inman or Lee Chan! Cohn may bring up some good points, but normally those comments are coming from stuff the previous five that I mentioned. To put in in perspective, You are linking the fucking World Weekly News magazine you see in the grocery store that complains about BatBoy in Argentina running around fucking the local wildlife creating hybrids when you have access to proper publications like the SF Chronicle or USA Today or the Athletic