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Yes I’m alive and found this place just a few weeks or month ago. Trying to survive the covid pandemic and everything it effects.

Sorry John but that Dr is misleading in his video. So there are different sizes of water droplets that we exhale & he says the smallest goes through masks. He tries to prove it by trying to French kiss his glasses through 5+ masks. Nobody is getting and staying that close to people in social situations or holding their masks pressed against their lips. Masks work along with social distancing.

I know you are very disturbed by isolation and lockdowns but we aren’t in lockdowns now. You want and need to socialize apparently like before the covid pandemic. It won’t return soon but it’s better than before.

Having children wear masks won’t damage their psychology, it’s the only way to protect them now.

Children are now in hospital beds filled to capacity and many young, healthy adults and not just people deserving or just about to die are dying from the Delta variant.

The vaccines and masks in close, social places are the best ways to reduce chances of getting/spreading covid until we learn more.

It’s good to see most people found the site and seems a lot sooner than I did.