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People who’ve died from covid have an average comorbidity of 2.6 meaning there have been other risk factors (obesity, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc). In most cases people dying from covid are close to dying anyway. People are also dying from the lockdowns. Suicides, drug overdose, abuse, mental health, can go on and on. We can’t trust much of what comes from the media on this. The media will report one child dying, how one hospital in Houston is at 100% capacity in their ICU, etc. What they don’t tell you is there are other hospitals there that are doing fine.

So here we are in round 2 of beating society into submission with all of these mandates. Children (young kids especially) are required to keep their masks on. Child development is being stunted because of lack of socialization and being raised in an environment of fear.

We will not see all of the fallout from all of this for years but I know in 10-20 years we will look back and regret a lot of these decisions.