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The problem with “Just open the world and let people die” is that it would totally break what functioning health care system we have left. Doctors and nurses have been quitting in droves because they are burnt out from shift after shift of nearly two years now of death and fear for their own health. This current wave has been particularly hard on them because it was largely preventable if people had just gotten the damn vaccine. Imagine being a fireman and while you’re trying to put out a fire, other people are running up and throwing gasoline on it to keep it going. That’s what it’s like for medical people right now with all the anti-vax bullshit. In a growing number of places, it’s not that there aren’t physical beds to put victims in; it’s that there are no mentally healthy medical people left to staff those beds. The medical system in much of the USA is near collapse. There are no beds. There are no doctors and nurses to staff beds. There is nothing left except to get the vaccine to reduce your chances of ending up in the queue for hospital care that doesn’t exist anymore. And THAT in turn affects EVERYONE, not just those with COVID. It’s a crime against humanity, really.