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I agree with Ry and GW, hope Jennings and Hasty both make the team and Shanny wasn’t going to show anything last night. We won’t see anything til the last preseason game when he plans on playing the starters for the first half.

Hurd, he showed up in (I think it was) Thursday’s practice and caught 3 nice throws. He’s a serious fucker he might be sandbagging it to make sure he starts the season healthy. I’m thinking getting injured 2 years in a row could be fucking with his mind. I think he makes the team.

A lot of who makes the team is going to depend on how many D Linemen we keep. Grant’s saying they’ll keep 10 and that they wish they could keep 12 or 14. LMFAO
They also might keep 4 TE’s.

Outside of backup O Linemen and backup CB we have a very solid team and there will be some very good players cut that will not make the practice squad.

Wish they would increase the roster to an even 60…especially in light of the extra game.

Fuck Ritchie James.