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I’d be truly surprised if Lance turns out to be worth this pick and the other picks we traded. He’s a powerful runner but he’s no where near Lamar Jackson quick. He isn’t going to be running through or away from nearly as many NFL players. He’s also got a odd throwing motion with an over the top release that has him consistently firing low on his target. I’m nervous he’s more Jordan Love and Cam Newton.

Now he’s got a fantastic deep ball and he’s a big kid that offers a totally different wrinkle in Kyle’s offense. Supposedly he’s also smart and can get to second and third reads, but I’m interested in seeing how he’ll handle th pressure that gets generated by NFL defensive lines. Most of his spectacular throws came with zero bodies around him or making him uncomfortable.

I’m absolutely rooting for him and I hope he proves the doubters wrong but when you see what the Bears gave up for Fields its going to be hard to swallow if Lance isn’t undeniable. I also don’t expect him to start week 1, which I’m not upset about. I think Jimmy G still offers a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl when healthy.