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I just watched all the vids on the 49ers.com site and am really pumped for Trey baby now. I had a sixth sense about him last year when I said we needed someone like him that could be mobile when we needed it, when we were getting our ass beat by one of our opponents that have a QB like that. And lo and behold it came true. So maybe I helped start the voodoo back then (even if later I felt it seemed like Kyle was going to draft Mac Jones).

Watching his interviews and Kyle’s comment about how he could be the CEO of a company made me appreciate that for someone not even 21 years old yet how mature and level-headed he seems. I can definitely see how the team fell in love with him and if it’s true that he was their first choice from the beginning then yea, he probably wouldn’t have fallen to them at 12 and as steep as the cost was, they were probably right when they felt they needed to trade up to 3 so they would be in the driver’s seat to pick him. Now let’s see how he turns out. It would be awesome if we could start giving teams like SEA and AZ fits when our QB scrambles for a score, first down or enough to make an improvised throw for a TD or to keep a drive alive instead of those teams always frustrating us with those things. Go Trey!