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None of them really, the trade was idiotic it was obvious who baby rat face wanted when made the trade then he let pressure from the media & the league influence him, once he made the trade. Yeah maybe Mac is garbage, but so are the other two. If this really was best pick then fine, but this feels like the league basicaly saying we can’t have white QBs go 1,2,& 3 otherwise it will look bad. Mob justice & politics in everything now a days. So,sad to see that even sports doesn’t offer a respite from this shit.

Looks like I will spend the remander of my sundays wood working & watching the country go to hell that is before they start putting all us unsafe people in camps while rest of the world grow 3rd arm out their ass as the blood clot slowly kill them.

I hope the kid is good just feels like a political decision instead of sports one.