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Part of an article in The Athletic about Jones:

“The QB Challenge he won, the one where he beat Trevor (Lawrence), it was like a thing where they threw at these targets in these nets,” Wommack said. “And he wanted to win so bad that when he got invited to the finals, he went and bought nets so he could practice with his trainer specifically to win that event.”

Jones beat the same Lawrence who is projected to be the No. 1 pick. But even with the pedigree of playing for a great program and a legendary coach and even after putting in the work to make himself the best he could be, he still didn’t have the arm of Lawrence or the athleticism of Justin Fields, both of whom were five-star recruits. He was a three-star. Even when he got the Alabama scholarship offer and committed, detractors told him he’d never play.

That drove him.

“I’m glad he doesn’t listen to the people on social media because if we did, we’d all be in trouble,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “You need to stay focused on what’s in front of you and try to improve, and I think Mac did a really, really good job of that and I think it was indicated by the way he performed this year. He does have confidence in himself, and I think he always did. But I also think he was smart enough to realize what his strengths were, what his weaknesses were, what he needed to work on, how he could get better, and he did a really good job of improving in all those areas, so he became a very complete player at his position this year.”

Jones has always been a well-liked member of the Crimson Tide locker room. Former running back Damien Harris playfully referred to Jones as his son. Teammates nicknamed him “The Joker” because of his distinguishable laugh. He’s always seemingly in a good mood. But he knows when to get serious.

When he found himself cast as the starting quarterback late in the 2019 season, he did a more than admirable job, playing well enough to earn the job for the next season. In 2020, he authored one of the most dominant seasons for a quarterback in college football history, completing 77.4 percent of his passes for 4,500 yards, 41 touchdowns and four interceptions to become a Heisman Trophy finalist and win a national championship.