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It would be but if the draft has shown us anything over the years it’s that surprises often happen.

I am of the mind that people are discounting the level of connection that exists now between us and the Jets with Saleh, LaFleur, etc there. I see Kyle as being far too calculated to just trade that much to move up to 3 without knowing who the pick will be.

That goes for even narrowing it down to the thinking that he would be good with “whoever is left” after Lawrence and Wilson go 1 and 2. I believe Kyle and John know who Saleh and Douglas are taking and they made the trade once they knew that the guy they want will be there at 3. Otherwise, why not send even move to move up to 2?

Again I say it’s because the Jets are keeping Darnold and drafting Sewell to give him the protection he needs to show what he can do. Time will tell of course but that’s my bet if I had to guess right now.