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All signs point to Jones. Here’s why: Shanahan loves to pick who he wants, to show how smart he is, rather than the consensus about who is best. Case in point Aiyuk last year. Jones is actually the most accurate and best long thrower of all of them based on their last full season stats. To Shanahan Jones is like Tom Brady. Pocket passer but skilled enough to sidestep a rush without having to scramble and most of all he’s best at processing each play and throwing under pressure. The skill to process a play means staying calm in the pocket and running through your progressions and delivering an accurate pass. Jones does all these. No he’s not sexy looking but he’s got the smarts and skills that Shanny loves. I will be surprised if it’s not Jones.

Also, rather than why it will be Jones, let’s look at why it won’t be Lance or Fields. Lance is a beast but raw. I’d call him Colin Kapernick 2.0, wildly inaccurate and nowhere near ready. If Shanny picks him it would be completely out of character. Fields, is an Ohio State QB and we all know how they turn out. Even so, if it’s not Jones then it probably would be Fields just because he’s more experienced and ready to start sooner than Lance is.

So my guess is Jones, Fields and Lance in that order.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by PhD.