49ers select OL Spencer Burford at pick 134

The 49ers selected UTSA OL Spencer Burford with pick 134.


Long-armed guard/tackle prospect who is fueled by energy and athletic ability. Burford has the foot quickness and agility teams are looking for as a move blocker but his play can be rushed and unfocused, which can turn a win into a loss on any given rep. He needs to add muscle mass and drop the pad level, but has enough bend in his lower half to become a more consistent drive blocker with technique work. He can do a better job of uncorking a stiffer punch into rushers but he gets the most out of his length in pass protection and has the recovery athleticism to make up for missteps. Burford’s physical traits and positional flexibility give him a head start in chasing a roster spot.


  • Broad shoulders with athletic build.
  • Wingspan measured at over 82 inches.
  • Starting experience at both tackle spots and guard.
  • Attacks backside cut-off blocks with proper angles.
  • Basketball feet to catch moving targets on the second level.
  • Hits gas and explodes into targets on pulling blocks.
  • Cinch-up strength in his hands.
  • Quick to recognize and switch blocks against rush twists.
  • Good foot chop to his set points in pass pro.
  • Gets into pass rushers first on most reps.


  • Needs to improve consistency of pad level.
  • Excessive wasted motion getting into blocks.
  • Undisciplined technique and footwork on double-team blocks.
  • Narrow base as drive blocker.
  • Might need a developmental year to add necessary mass.
  • Too reliant upon length rather than feet in pass pro.
  • Needs to start rattling pads with a more physical punch.
  • Pass sets are too predictable and monotonous.

Sources Tell Us
“It was a big deal when (UTSA) landed him because he was a four-star recruit and had those traits you like to see from tackles. He might be a guard for some teams, but I would give him a shot at tackle because of his length and feet.” — Scout for AFC team

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