49ers select DB Samuel Womack at 172

In the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft, the 49ers select DB Samuel Womack at pick 172 out of Toledo.


Former walk-on who has developed into a ball-hawking slot defender. Womack has eye-popping speed and quickness with above-average ball production as a three-year starter. He’s a natural at searching for clues and utilizing quality pathways to play the throw. Inconsistent technique and a lack of poise and positioning downfield are areas of concern that might not be easily correctable with coaching. Womack is not strong against the run, but he’s sticky from press and instinctive from zone, which gives him a chance to compete for a roster spot.


  • Three-year starter and team captain in 2021.
  • Finished career with a whopping 41 pass breakups.
  • Able to post receiver with his jab all the way through press release.
  • Good ball/man eye balance from off coverage.
  • Dexterity to swerve and pivot in cadence with the route.
  • Searches for tells from wide receiver inside the route.
  • Shortcuts route breaks to find plays on the football.
  • Very fast and plays with good short-area twitch.


  • Below-average tackle strength and toughness.
  • Loose with footwork from his backpedal.
  • Not always technically sound in his coverage.
  • Fails to keep feet under him, leading to slips in transitions.
  • High-cut frame limits body control to shadow from a shuffle.
  • Losses come when he fails to properly locate the football.
  • Needs to maintain poise and keep from grabbing downfield.

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